My Favourite Spots To Get Dessert

Got a sweet tooth? These places are awesome if you're in the mood for something sweet! -Giapo (A hidden gem of goodness in the city centre creating the most unimaginable master piece that is both edible and delicious) -Uncle Tetsu (Originated from Japan but has move its way of opening a business at Queen St. The cheesy goodness is packed with fluffiness that will easily melt in your mouth. With its cute packaging and sides of Madelaine cupcakes with flavours of honey, vanilla or matcha will have you find it hard to choose what to bring home. -Zap thai (Located at China town in Dominion Rd, deep fried ice cream is a must to try out! Crispy on the outside with ice cream to pack the finishing touch of goodness. For only $7) -Gateu House (Thinking of buying a cake for a special someone? Gateu house is the perfect place for you. With options of celebration cakes, macaroons, petite cakes and so much more) -Snowman’s Café (Originated from Korea, this cute boutique shop is the best place for an outing with friends and family. Selections include shaved ice with different flavours such as matcha, oreo or cheesecake or a honey bread to soothe those sweet cravings. Get your K pop jams on and sing along while eating these delicious desserts. Perfect for summer time!) -Mellow (Located in High St, this dessert place is a must! From stone ice cream to different flavours of shaved ice with my winning selection of Green tea. Very affordable and also provides FREE WIFI) -Chatime (Taro Milk Slushy is a winner! Try out these delicious drinks with different options you can choose from for a perfect hydration during a day out in the sun)